Ashirwad Plywood

Blessed with Quality

Price : Rs. 80 (per sq.ft.)

DESIRE MR- Best of Ashirwad

100% Quality Guaranteed

It is Highly Durable and Long Lasting Ply with Uniform Thickness, Uniform Layers of Veneers and Smooth Surface. It is made from Alternate Softwood and Hardwood Plantation Timber which are Hydraulically Peeled and also treated with Melamine Solution which makes it Borer and Termite Resistant.

  Gapless Construction-

Desire Ply is made to undergo a unique production technique that ensures each product is of less gaps. Gurjan Strength to give long lasting life & also able to with stand more weight.

  Truly versatile-

Takes on humidity, tropical climates & all vagaries of nature.

  Dimensionally Stable-

Dimensionally Stable Guaranteeing excellent finish.

  Lifetime of Performance-

Guaranteed lifetime of performance due to superior raw material chemical process & Special Humidity Resistant formula.

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    • Size(ft.)
    • 8 x 4, 7 x 4, 6 x 4
    • Thickness(mm)
    • 18, 12, 8, 6
    • Grade
    • BWR
  • Rakesh

    Recently used this ply no problem at all