Ashirwad Plywood

Blessed with Quality

DESIRE MR- Best of Ashirwad

100% Quality Guaranteed

It is Highly Durable and Long Lasting Ply with Uniform Thickness, Uniform Layers of Veneers and Smooth Surface. It is made from Alternate Softwood and Hardwood Plantation Timber which are Hydraulically Peeled and also treated with Melamine Solution which makes it Borer and Termite Resistant.

  Gapless Construction-

Desire Ply is made to undergo a unique production technique that ensures each product is of less gaps. Gurjan Strength to give long lasting life & also able to with stand more weight.

  Truly versatile-

Takes on humidity, tropical climates & all vagaries of nature.

  Dimensionally Stable-

Dimensionally Stable Guaranteeing excellent finish.

  Lifetime of Performance-

Guaranteed lifetime of performance due to superior raw material chemical process & Special Humidity Resistant formula.

Price : Rs. 80 (per sq.ft.)


Economical + Quality

The finest quality of Moisture Resistant grade of Plywood available. Gold ply is perfectly bonded and specifically treated to withstand termites, borers and moisture. Gold ply is also strong enough to withstand all wear and tear off of ply which takes place during furniture making process.

  Superior Resistance Power-

Gold ply is perfectly bonded and specifically treated to withstand termites, borers, as well as moisture.

  Humidity Resistance-

This MR Grade plywood can withstand very high levels of humidity.

Easy workability-

Easy workability, Holds screws and nails with precision.

  Termite Resistant-

Resistant to termites, fungus and other wood destroying insects.

Price : Rs.70 (per sq.ft.)

COSMO Commercial Plywood

Economical + Reasonable

Is a wonder brand and a product of cutting edge research and innovative pricing strategy. It is suitable for large commercial projects and is also suitable for budget minded customers. Made from 100% Poplar wood which is less prone to termite and light in weight.


Made from 100% Poplar Softwood Timber.

  Cutting Costs. Not Quality-

They say - there is a price you have to pay for anything that costs less. The price is short life span and related problems. In an age where economic downturn, recession and cutting costs are more than mere catch words, our endeavor has been to find out ways and means to ensure our consumers do not compromise on quality even when forced to manage costs.

Remarkable Performance-

Cosmoply, owing to its intensive quality control and unique manufacturing process, ensures remarkable performance in terms of strength, homogeneity, smoothness and dimensional stability. Cosmoply adheres to IS:303 for MR grade and boasts of a vast range of applications be it in the kitchens, bathrooms, partitions and panel inserts, or wherever you may like to use it.

  Making the impossible possible-

Cosmo is a wonder brand. You pay less. But you get more. Cosmo has managed that. Made from selective poplar wood and bonded with super strong resin, thereby creating a powerful barrier that fights against termites, borers and other wood destroying organisms.

Price : Rs.60 (per sq.ft.)